Terms of Use 


Texas Essay Editors provides personalized academic writing consulting for students in Texas and beyond. We use time-tested techniques for helping students develop the writing, research and critical thinking skills required for academic and professional success. In all our interactions we strive to empower students to produce their best original work according to the assignment rubric.

Tutoring is billed by the hour at a rate of $125/hour in 1-minute intervals. We typically send invoices at the end of face-to-face sessions or weekly for longer projects. For cloud-based editorial support, we bill for phone consultations, text & emails communications, document editing & files setup, rubric review, research and reading all source materials.

By scheduling tutoring sessions, clients agree to pay invoices upon receipt.

For best results, it is the client’s responsibility to follow editorial suggestions and to provide assignment rubrics. We recommend all clients invest 3-5 hours of work per page of any written assignment, with 65% of time spent in research, 25% writing, and 10% editing (3-page research paper = 9-15 hours of student work). Results may vary by student effort and ability.