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I have a research paper due in 48 hours, can you help me?

Yes. As long as your project does not conflict with our current deadlines, we will provide expedited service even if it means pulling an all-nighter, or two. Ideally, we like to know about upcoming papers when you receive the syllabus or rubric, but one week’s notice is best.

Do you sell research papers on particular topics?

We will help you write an original paper customized to your assignment rubric.

How does your service differ from my university’s writing center?

University writing centers usually limit the amount of time they will assist with any project. Many use a discussion-based model of coaching focused on ideas and strategies. We bill by the hour and are fully available for as much time as needed. This means delving into the nitty-gritty details of your project so we can help you craft nuanced arguments well supported by your textual source materials.

I have access to personalized college counseling, do i still need admissions essay coaching?

College counseling services at even the finest preparatory schools generally do not possess the time or resources to provide in-depth editorial support for the production of all college admissions essays and supplements. Where college essay writing is emphasized in the curriculum, students tend to lack individual attention needed to make significant writing breakthroughs. We coach students at any stage in the writing process, empowering our clients to engage in the deep self-reflection necessary to draft winning personal statements.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by Check, Venmo, Credit Card and Wire Transfer. All invoices are due upon receipt.

How much does tutoring cost?

Presently, writing consulting is billed at a rate of $125/hr at 1-minute intervals ($2.08/min). College essay editing is billed at $175/hr at 1-minute intervals ($2.92/min).

Which is better, online support or Face-to-Face sessions?

Since most of what we do is behind-the-scenes research and editing utilizing Google Docs, we find that cloud-based support with brief phone and SMS text consultation is most efficient. Face-to-face sessions are available to Dallas/Fort Worth students seeking a more personalized, hands-on approach.

Do you help students with learning differences?

Yes! Research papers can be especially challenging for students with certain types of learning differences, affecting everything from reading comprehension to time management and working memory. Simply tell us about your learning style and we will budget time to focus on problem areas.

Can you help me find sources for my paper topic, I don’t know where to look?

Yes, we will teach you how to find and evaluate primary and secondary source materials relevant to your topic using library databases and Google searches. Once we decide which sources will work best, we will read them with you to ensure you understand the main ideas so you will be in a better position to develop original insights.

What resources are available for writing students?

There is no shortage of great resources for students wishing to enhance their writing and research skills. Visit our Resources page for a curated list of books, website and apps.

What are your writing qualifications?

Scott & Crystal possess decades of combined experience as professional scholars and have attended or taught at Dallas’ finest high schools and universities. Learn about our qualifications on the Editor Bios page.